Rabbit is a highly sensitive & extremely alert creature who covets creativity, sentiment & family. She is a happy, playful & loving friend; exceedingly social but also in need of retreat for warmth, comfort & intuitive collection. These contrasting moods serve to encourage the use of internal implements that aide continual reflection & rebirth. Little bunny’s esoteric awareness achieved thru her yoga of stillness & her close connection with mother earth lend a magical, mysterious inspiration to open hearts & minds.

I am a passionate curious creator & a constant learner… with a renewed commitment to inspired living. From youth I made things to solve problems or fill voids, thus humbly esteemed dynamic & innovative.

The intention to journal is great… on gratitude one better… but if the world can’t hear your thanks, if recognition isn’t given to your inspirations & if people don’t feel the love… then what’s the point?
This is to be my place of reflection… these are my favorite things.


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