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live your creative life & just make something already!

muse (myo͞oz) : a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

It is a gift & blessing to be an inspired person. It is essential to honor that inspiration thru artistic expression, in any medium you love.

For quite some time I did not create anything… I was ‘just too busy’. During that time I began to lose the sensations of imagination, creative vision, passion… When I began to wake up there were some very special friends who helped me to not be daunted by the lost time & to see that ‘wherever you are is the place to start’.

An ‘Awesome Illustrator‘ who has shown me that
there is always time to live your creative life.
A ‘Fog Chaser‘ who brings me back to earth by reminding me to
just make something already!

Who inspires you?
and how do you honor them by expressing that creative energy?

Under the Boardwalk
Under the Boardwalk – Original Photography by Liz Dehn